QUALITY CONTROL

                                                      QUALITY CONTROL

                                                      The company's quality management system directly under the leadership of general manager, under QC, quality management, quality inspection are functioning and quality supervision and management. QC responsible for raw materials and finished products, intermediates, process water testing and environmental conditions, the company used in the production monitoring, has a quality inspection center, three quality control room, consisting of a nearly 30-person team of quality inspection wherein undergraduate 21 people, four graduate students, high-quality team for the company's product quality control to provide important protection.

                                                      Quality inspection department is equipped with the domestic first-class detection equipment, including high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, nearly 30, IR, UV - visible spectrophotometer, a differential analysis of the optical detector, Abbe spectrometer analysis, digital automatic polarimeter, water meter and so on. Research and monitoring, raw materials, intermediates, analysis and quality control of finished products fully meet the research.

                                                      Quality Management Department is responsible for establishing and perfecting the company's quality supervision system, set up a full-time QA personnel from the original wood materials supplier evaluation, procurement of raw materials, warehousing inspection, production processes, product release, sales, customer feedback and so the whole process monitor, regulate and improve the quality management system; the same time through mobile inspection site, periodic inspection and regular quality reports and other means for the company's entire quality management system, and regular GMP refresher training to improve the quality of full awareness, and establish the concept of full quality.

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