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                                                      The 2019 Shanghai CPHI ended perfectly, and Bayee Biotech came to a successful conclusion.

                                                      TIME:2019/12/2 17:20:56 SOURSE:

                                                      Onthe 20th of June 2019, the nineteenth CPhI China 2019, Pharmaceutical RawMaterials China Exhibition concluded perfectly after 3 days at theShanghai New International Expo Center!

                                                      Asone of the world leading events in the pharmaceutical industry, the exhibitionwas a gathering of great names and minds, covering the whole pharmaceuticalindustry chain. By providing professionals with integrated solutions in regardsto:

                                                           - pharmaceutical raw materials,

                                                           - contract customization,

                                                           - biopharmaceuticals,

                                                           - pharmaceutical machinery,

                                                           - packaging materials

                                                           - laboratory instruments.


                                                      Itis the leading professional trade exchange event in the global industrial chainof the pharmaceutical industry.

                                                      Atthis grand event, The Bayeebio booth was located in the E7 area of theexhibition hall-E7A68. During the exhibition, there were meetings with our old(and loyal) customers, visits of new and foreign customers, and crowds ofbooths. In this regard,  I sincerely thank every customer and friend whocame to visit the Bayeebio booth.


                                                      Theexhibition is over, but our dreams are yet to continue. Bayeebio willcontinue to innovate and provide more cost-effective products with a higherquality service standard to all our loyal and new customers and friends who wehave had the pleasure to work with and have trusted us unconditionally.


                                                      Tofurther achieve this goal, work hard day after day, but none of this would evenbe possible without you. We look forward to working with you all in the futureand a share the joy of Bayeebio's harvest.


                                                      Ihope we meet you again in 2020, have a safe journey home, and from the deepestbottom of our hearts we wish you all the best over the coming months.


                                                      Seeyou next year.

                                                      Copyright  Bayeebio Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai  滬ICP備16015574號

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